Versilia Marine Service offers clients numerous services, all dedicated to the protocols to be implemented in order to ensure proper and safe navigation. Our customers are constantly informed and up-to-date on the most important nautical standards. The decades-old experience we have accumulated in the field will help you make the right choices for protecting your safety, your passengers and other boats.

The main nautical services delivered by Viareggio are the following:

  • Self-inflatable life-rafts (liferats);
  • Raft repairs;
  • Emergency and rescue boats;
  • Man over board recovery modules;
  • Self-inflatable lifejackets;
  • Suits for sea survival (immersion suits);
  • Dinghies repair service;
  • Portable fire extinguishers;
  • Fire-fighting systems;
  • Breathing apparatus;
  • Hydrostatic release units;
  • Emergency release hooks;
  • EPIRBs;
  • Radar Transponders

Review Station

stazione di revisione barche
Versilia Marine Service in Viareggio is equipped with an inflatable rafting station with instrumentation and professional equipment, which guarantees discounts and facilities for those who will be using our nautical services offered throughout the year.

Versilia Marine Service guarantees, after each revision, a certificate on the letterhead of the boat manufacturer. Our staff are highly trained and regularly follow the latest courses on all the regulations and technical instructions for proper work by our manufacturers.
The same companies that provide the training and industry updates are the same partners that supply spare parts to Versilia Marine Service in their repair and review work.

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