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On this page you can discover the latest news and useful links reported by Versilia Marine Service. Keep up-to-date on what's happening in the nautical sector and all the latest promotions and offers, as well as reading interesting information about the most important national and international manufacturers and brands (Zodiac Marine, Aquata, Secumar and Lalizas SA etc. ).

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What are the main navigation services that you need, in order to ensure a safe and relaxed vessel navigation?
The three main areas are of equal importance when considering the best services for your boat:

Weather - Being constantly updated on current weather conditions and forecasts is absolutely crucial if you do not want to expose yourself and other passengers to unnecessary risks. A constant monitoring of weather conditions is an imperative that you must never deviate from.
Nautical Bulletin - This tends to include weather reports. In fact, the nautical bulletin mainly describes the effects of weather conditions on the sea itself, indicating data such as wind force, wave height and water temperature.
Port Authority / norms - It is always useful to know the laws in force in each state or ocean, and it is also important to inquire about any special provisions issued by port capitals.
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