Provision of security equipment


The supply of safety equipment for boats is one of the fundamental activities carried out by Versilia Marine Service.
It is necessary to ensure you always have the correct items onboard in case of an accident at sea- from life jackets to flare kits and fire extinguishers.
Versilia Marine Service is responsible for supplying all these items and for checking, in the event of a review, their integrity on board:

  • Remi;
  • Radar reflectors;
  • Flags;
  • Bright booths;
  • Bilge pumps;
  • Acoustic warning lights for yachts, inflatables, canoes and rafts;
  • Rescue belts;
  • Pneumatic tents;
  • Mortars;
  • Compasses;
  • Barometers;
  • Nautical charts;
  • First-aid kit and medicines;
  • Radio-positioning tools.

Compulsory safety equipment

On boats certain safety equipment is mandatory by law, both for pleasure crafts and commercial maritime vessels. During the maintenance and inspection operations carried out by Versilia Marine Service personnel on every kind of vessel, all equipment and safety items are checked and either carefully replaced or repaired in order to be secure and fully-functioning once more.
All our spare parts are CE certified and certified by product manufacturers. Versilia Marine Service relies only on quality partners to ensure its customers receive perfect and lasting products, ideal for any type of boat, raft, inflatable boat or yacht.
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